Greater Fitness

By ingeniously combining the technology from a far infrared sauna with the fitness capability of a rebounder, achieving greater fitness by getting stronger, leaner and in shape in as little as 15 minutes a day is guaranteed with Sauna Jump!

Greater Fitness With Infrared Saunas

Generalized information regarding greater fitness from use with an infrared sauna (IR) to build and sustain athletic performance abounds. However, several exceptional examples about the use of infrared therapy to sports conditioning clearly demonstrate its imperative value.

Dr. Matt Burnett is a sports chiropractor responsible for keeping NFL players of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as Jacksonville Jaguars in top physical condition. He uses infrared saunas as part of his regimen. Infrared saunas are used to increase levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which transports energy within the cells. The stimulation of ATP promotes the discharge of growth hormone (GH or HGH) and nitric oxide that in turn builds muscle [1].

As IR saunas can burn over 500 calories in a comfy half hour session, they have become popular among players trying to make weight prior to training camp and during the season.

At what has been deemed the highest level of athletic competition, infrared saunas are widely used by athletes of the Olympic Games. Saunas are used for pre-workouts to efficiently stretch and warm-up as well as for post-workouts for the prevention of muscle injury and stress recovery.

Simon Whitfield, Canadian gold winning Olympic medalist reports using infrared therapy. IR saunas were as used not only as an approach to greater fitness in preparation for his event, the triathlon in the 2012 Games in London, but as a means to stay competitive against younger Olympians (He was 37 at the time of competition)[2].

Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur, angel investor and author of the bestselling book, The 4 Hour Workweek introduced Dr. Rhonda Patrick within his immensely popular blog. In an engaging post, Dr. Patrick provides analytical explanation regarding training with an infrared sauna and how the effects of heat stress create a beneficial impact of greater fitness for athletes. With a term she coins, Hyperthermic Conditioning, she makes several vital claims:

  • IR saunas reduce the negative effects with elevations in body temperature that help to sustain performance
  • Depletion of muscle glycogen, often known as ‘hitting a wall’ by endurance athletes is reduced 40% to 50% as increased blood flow fuels the muscles with needed nutrients.
  • Heat and exercise synergistically induces hyper-hypertrophy or increased muscle growth!

Dr. Rhonda Patrick presents claims regarding sauna use among athletes. The entire segment is completely worth watching. However, forwarding to 5:50 will detail profound discoveries regarding the huge release of growth hormone that is directly related to sauna exposure.
Greater Fitness Through Rebounding

While one can easily achieve greater fitness with an infrared therapy alone, Sauna Jump takes greater fitness to another level with the addition of the rebounder mini-trampoline. Since the release of a study conducted by NASA in 1980 that demonstrated that jumping movements on the mini-trampoline provided benefits to its astronauts in training [3], rebounding catapulted to mainstream popularity. Some of the strength and performance gains one can expect to get with rebounding alone are:

  • Movements on the rebounder like jogging in place or jumping can place 2 to 3 times the force of gravitational pull on your muscles and bones depending on the movement and exercise, which in turn will double or triple the effect of muscle toning and bone strengthening.
  • 5 minutes of moderate rebounding is equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging, 25 minutes of swimming or 55 minutes of walking.
  • Approximately 87% of shock absorption is transferred to the rebounder mat that allows for longer periods of greatly reduced risk of injuries to the body like the neck, lower back and joints in comparison to like running.

Gym facilities worldwide offer group rebounding classes as a means to support greater fitness. The Biggest Loser campus uses them. Boxers, tennis and Olympic athletes use the rebounder to increase gains on speed. Seniors and or the physically injured use rebounding to achieve improved physical health.

For serious athletes, weekend warriors or beginners looking for real results and not hype, Sauna Jump brilliantly integrates the use of radiant heat and low impact exercise to create a challenging workout that is not only fun and easy, but will truly generate amazing results towards greater fitness.

Weight Loss

Sauna Jump can help almost anyone effectively lose weight in just 15 to 20 minutes a day! The innovative combination of far infrared sauna and rebounder mini-trampoline presents amazing fitness equipment to lose unwanted fat, calories and cellulite!

Burn Calories

The penetrating infrared heat from Sauna Jump warms the body to elevate temperature. The increase in body temperature paired with various exercise activities from the rebounder will raise heart rate which forces metabolic rate to increase as well. A boost in your body’s metabolism creates heightened cellular activity to work harder to transform calories into energy. Each Sauna Jump session can help you easily burn calories that would be equivalent to a moderate hard earned 2 to 3 mile run.

Studies have shown that physical activity when coupled with additional demands put increased pressure on the body. Exercising at higher temperature helps to melt away more calories than working out like in an air-conditioned gym.

Target Fat Tissues

The main principle in losing weight is to use up more calories, especially those from burning up fat stored in various body areas. Metabolic processes aim to break down these fat reserves for your body to use as a source of energy. Sauna Jump’s revolutionary combination of infrared heat and rebounder exercise speeds up metabolic rate, thus targeting fat reserves.

Regular sessions with the Sauna Jump can also decrease the amount of non-metabolized toxins stored in fatty tissues, cleansing your body to efficiently lose weight in the process.

Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite is a gel-like substance consisting of various chemicals and toxins stored in the fatty tissue underneath the skin. Toxic fatty deposits become cellulite when there is decreased lymph and blood circulation in various areas due to an increase in fat tissue. The heat from the Sauna Jump combined with the gentle vertical motion on the rebounder enhances circulation and drainage in the vertical network of lymph nodes. This encourages the release of toxic fatty deposits and reduces the ugly dimpling of the skin associated with fat and cellulite.

If you are trying to maintain a regular exercise routine to lose weight and be in tiptop shape, Sauna Jump is the perfect partner for you! This patent-pending technology can help you shed those extra pounds in just 15 to 20 minutes a day, with numerous other benefits that help you maintain the healthy lifestyle you want.


Normally, our bodily functions detoxify natural impurities that are eaten or absorbed through the excretory organs like the skin, kidneys and bowels. However, continued exposure to very powerful chemically laden products is extremely difficult to get rid of. Our bodies lack the innate capabilities to effectively do away with the mass of chemical compounds, additives and preservatives available today. More than 70,000 different chemicals are manufactured and used across the world. Many are known carcinogens, yet are added into food that is consumed like nitrate in bacon or applied to products such as formaldehyde in cosmetics. The result is the build-up of harmful substances that lurk and ultimately affect our long term health and well-being.

Inability To Detoxify

Some of the minimal effects on the body’s inability to detoxify these chemical properties result in:

  • A weakened immune system
  • Susceptibility to colds and infection
  • Cellulite and weight gain
  • Loss of energy or increased lethargy
  • Joint pain

Sauna Jump brilliantly integrates the core benefits from a far infrared sauna and exercise rebounder mini-trampoline to efficiently detoxify the body and support one’s goals to achieving dramatically improved health and fitness.

Infrared Heat

Infrared heat produced from the sauna chamber spreads gently into the tissues of the body. Large molecules that contain both water and toxins are split to allow them to be easily excreted through the skin. Fatty deposits underneath the skin harboring toxicity are also broken up into smaller fragments, allowing for proper detoxification of these harmful substances like lead, aluminum and mercury to be excreted via the sweat. Additional toxins are discharged into the blood stream to be eliminated by the other organs.

Dr. Mary Shackelton MPH, ND presents the benefits of sweating and detoxification by using infrared sauna therapy. The video presents not only valuable insight to detoxifying the body through increased sweat activity, but overall information regarding far infrared saunas. At 1:58, Dr. Shackelton begins compelling commentary regarding the body’s decreased ability to properly sweat as exposure to chemicals and heavy metals increases.

The Lymphatic System

One of the greatest discoveries with the rebounder is its stimulating effect on the lymphatic system. This system comprises a vast network of vessels and nodes carry out vital functions to assist white blood cells fight off infection, remove cellular waste and filter out bacteria from the continual flow of lymph fluid. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart that keeps blood moving. It is entirely dependent on human activity like breathing and movement to function properly. As we progressively age, keeping the lymph system up at a healthy level can be challenging. Active use on the rebounder encourages the lymph system to improve on its ability to detoxify and carry away wastes that can aggregate and impair bodily function.

Detoxify With Sauna Jump

Enjoying 20-minute sessions within the patent-pending technology of Sauna Jump will:

  • Expel harmful toxins dwelling within the body from dramatically increased sweat activity
  • Enhance blood circulation that speeds up the separation of toxicity away from the heart
  • Increase tissue oxygenation to help transport contagions out
  • Increase lymph drainage
  • Strengthen the immune system

Chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes that are relative to the heart, lungs and other functioning parts of the body have dramatically increased across the world. Apparent participation in harmful habits like smoking or consumption of alcohol can frequently be attributed to terrible disorders like these. However, what we unwittingly eat, use on the body and how active or inactive we are plays a key role to our overall well-being. For those aware about the dangers of having a toxic lifestyle and seek a change for the better, the answer is readily available. Effectively detoxify the body to greater fitness and health with Sauna Jump.


Among numerous benefits of Sauna Jump, the main benefit is overall fitness. Sauna Jump is a necessary piece of equipment that combines the rebounder with the heat from a Far Infrared Sauna. Excellent for cardiovascular conditioning in less than 20 minutes.

Cardiovascular exercise is an activity which increases the heart rate to enhance circulatory function. While jogging produces great cardiovascular results, there is also great risk of joint and leg injuries. The rebounder, producing the same results, has been found to have less impact on the joints and legs thus being less of a risk for injury.

Far Infrared Sauna studies have shown that with increased heart rate and body temperature, the heart beats more rapidly in response. When body temperatures rise, blood vessels found near the skin, dilate to release heat. With this vasodilatation, the beat and pulse of the heart increases to maintain normal blood pressure. Another important fact: enzymes in the body are more active at high temperatures therefore using up more oxygen. With the heart pumping faster, it supplies adequate blood and oxygen to various tissues. This produces a mild cardiovascular workout.

Far infrared heat combined with the low impact exercise of a rebounder, can increase heart rate faster than exercise alone.

The patent-pending technology of Sauna Jump does not only provide you with the cardiovascular exercise you need, but also has been found to offer other health benefits, such as:

  • improves blood circulation, blood flow to different organs. Beneficial to those with symptoms associated with congestive heart failure. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, describes finding about how daily infrared sauna sessions of 15-20 minutes for two weeks reduced premature heartbeats, arrhythmia episodes and levels of hormones linked to heart damage.
  • significantly improves blood vessel functioning for those who suffer high-cholesterol, diabetes, plaque formation (even in smokers).
  • A session with Sauna Jump facilitates artery repair. A study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, indicates a 15-minute daily sauna session for two weeks can improve the function of the endothelial cells lining the arteries, by up to 40%.

Heart studies done at the Mayo Clinic have shown that infrared therapy can regulate blood pressure, lower blood pressure and help in weight loss. This is further complemented by the low impact exercise on the rebounder trampoline, thus increasing the amount of calories expended.

SAUNA JUMP is the ideal exercise tool for not just healthy people, but also those at risk of cardiovascular disease. Whether you are a busy person, serious athlete or looking to improve your cardiovascular health and lose some weight, SAUNA JUMP is for you!


Pain Relief

Documented by physicians, sufferers of Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have benefitted immensely from the use of infrared therapy. As well, infrared therapy is also applied in rehabilitative activity to help the body recover from bodily injury.

Infrared energy emitted by Sauna Jump can penetrate the skin up to 1.5″ deep into the muscle. This penetration can be beneficial in reducing muscle spasms, joint stiffness and achiness. Infrared therapy, within 24-48 hours post injury, can reduce the time it takes for your body to heal sprains and strains. You can experience a reduction of pain and swelling almost overnight.

Medical studies attest to the powerful pain relief provided by regular far infrared sauna therapy.

Healthy Skin Care

Infrared therapy is very beneficial in the maintenance of healthy skin. Increased perspiration assists in releasing toxins like soap, makeup and creams that can be found in the pores beneath the skin. Those who suffer, acne, psoriasis, eczema and lichen planus, uneven skin tone, or even weathered skin, will find themselves rewarded with clearer skin.

If you want to improve the elasticity, texture and tone of your skin, use an infrared sauna to rejuvenate, renew and restore your skin.

Stress Relief

With the human body battling thousands of chemicals everyday, this causes a lot of emotional and physical stress. Far Infrared light waves, specifically tuned to the human body’s resonant frequency, work through a process called Direct Light Conversion. The light enters the body and is converted into heat. This action is called Radiant Heat. This means it heats the body directly and not the air around the body.

Radiant heat increases the body’s natural homeostatic responses which include: accelerated peripheral blood flow and improved circulation, vasodilation of blood vessels, oxygenation and toxin removal from muscle and fatty tissue. This anabolic response triggers the autonomic nervous system to nourish, heal and regenerate both physical and emotional health conditions.