What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a safe method of permanently removing hair of any type/colour and is medically approved.
Electrolysis is perfect for areas that cannot be treated by Laser such as eyebrows and/or for those with only a few scattered hairs

How does it work?

Electrolysis is the insertion of a probe into the hair follicle (a natural opening of the skin), an electrical current is the passed down this probe to treat the growing portion of the hair follicle, so it can no longer produce new hair. A heat and tingling sensation is felt during the current flow. Using tweezers, the elctrologist gently slides the hair out of the follicle.
Some areas of the skin are more sensitive that others, example – upper lip is more sensitive than the lower leg.

You control the treatment

In order for electrolysis to be effective some sensation must be felt. You control the speed of the treatment by letting the electrologist know the amount of sensation you can comfortably tolerate.


As the electrologist is treating something she can not see, a re-growth factor of 25% – 50 % is estimated. Growth in a previously treated area is not necessarily regrowth of treated hairs, but growing (anagen) hairs that were at the time of treatment not yet visible.

Pre-treatment Recommendations


If possible cleanse the treatment area with a gentle cleanser and water.

Sun Exposure

Avoid excess sun expossure 48 hours prior to treatment.

Pre-shaving or waxing

Shaving or waxing a few days prior to treament (varies for each individual) ensures that only anagen hairs, not telogen (non-growing) are being treated. This is ONLY recommended for areas that require extensive treatment. Electrolysis is more effective, less time consuming and less expensive if preformed only on anagen hairs.

The hairs must be long enough to be grasped by tweezers.


Electrolysis can be performed on most moles but a doctor’s written approval is required.

Bikini Line Treatment

Please bring in your bathing suit

Topical Anesthetic

If you have a particularly sensitive area to be treated, a topical anesthetic, EMLA is available over the counter from you local pharmacy.