Apollo – Tripollar

TriPollar is the world’s most advanced Radio-Frequency [RF] technology. RF has been used in medicine for over 75 years and is a proven, safe technology.

Clinically-proven and used successfully around the world. TriPollar treatment heats fibroblasts of the skin pulling collagen strands closer for immediate skin tightening. This stimulates your body’s natural collagen renewal for incredible skin-tightening results and a substantial improvement in the appearance of wrinkles on the face, neck, chin and cheeks.

The desired result: tighter, younger looking skin immediately and long-term skin remodeling.

Jump Sauna

By combining the proven health benefits of a Far Infrared Sauna with the fitness gains from an exercise rebounder trampoline, Sauna Jump is the finest health exercise sauna available.

Now, almost anyone can easily burn calories and feel amazing in as little as 15 minutes a day to dramatically achieve better health and well-being!

Triple 333

The TRIPLE 333 simultaneously emits several waves at different frequencies including a high frequency component. It thus generates a deep muscle stimulation, painlessly, irrespective of the thickness of the fat or the muscles. The specific cutaneous permeability generated is exceptional, regardless of the morphology of the person.

  • Slimming (Body and Face)
  • Body Shaping and Contouring
  • Facial slimming treatment

Vibro Gym

Vibration is another word for trembling. We speak of vibration or trembling if a body moves periodically around an equilibrium. Periodically means that the motion is repeated in equal time intervals. Whole body vibration training makes use of a platform that moves periodically. The equilibrium is the middle position in which the platform stands if it is switched off.