Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend. Unlike traditional false eyelashes that are applied on a strip, synthetic eyelash extensions are glued to individual natural lashes with tweezers. This service is relaxing and pain-less, most clients fall alseep during eyelash application.
Women who get eyelash extensions no longer have to use mascara. The lashes are fairly durable, too. You can work out, swim or go to the beach without worrying about ruining your lashes or having your mascara run.

135524If you want:
Beautiful eyelashes
Longer eyelashes
Fuller eyelashes
Sexy eyelashes…
then eyelash extensions are for you.
Get that celebrity look with long, full, sexy, eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions, take about 2 hours to apply can last up to 3-6 weeks! When your natural lashes shed so will your extensions, fill-in are recommended about every 2 – 4 weeks to maintain that “extra thick lashes” look.
The application session is relaxing and painfree, your eyes are completely closed and most client fall asleep. Eyelash extension are waterproof, go to the beach, the pool, in the shower all with perfect full lashes!!!!- So they are perfect for your wedding day!!!

Frame your eyes beautifully even without masara,cut down on preparation time in the morning because there’s no need for mascara!! No more raccoon eyes!!